Expert Question: How Far in Advance Should I Book My DJ?

As much as we like to think that we have all the answers here at Sask Ever After, sometimes we need to seek out an expert to help us out from time to time.  We have gone through our Rolodex and found some of our favourite industry professionals – those who have ‘been around the block’ and have all the answers.

This week we are turning to Trystan Meyers, a.k.a. DJ Anchor.  He and his DJs are all over the city.  You can find them not only at weddings but some of the most high profile events of the season.  If the name is very familiar to you but you can’t figure out how you know it, you probably have been to a Saskatoon Rush game where he has currently taken up residency entertaining the crowd.

The first thing that you will hear anyone tell you when planning your wedding is: “Make sure you book so-and-so for this, and make sure you book this place for that”. But when do you book this or that? How far out do you need to even consider looking for vendors?

That brings us to this week’s post:

How far in advance should you book your DJ?

  • Most people book Armed With Harmony between 10-14 months in advance.
  • If your wedding is 14 months or more away, you’ll have full selection of options such as a specific DJ or our full services list.
  • If you are less than 10 months away, some of our items are first come first serve. We may have limited availability on certain items such as specific DJs, photobooths, and special effects (“Dance on a Cloud”).

You can view their full wedding packages here:

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