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You have found your soulmate. That person you have been searching your whole life for that one person to grow old with. You have set a date when you will pledge your forever to one another. Next you start the hunt for the perfect vendors for the wedding day, which makes finding your fiancé seem like the easy part. Having a wedding planner can make this whole planning thing a little easier. They know all the best venues, how the day should run and will make sure you don’t forget any detail. They are like having a best friend with you every step of the way. Jaclyn Baum of Brookline Events in Saskatoon, SK is that wedding planner/ best friend you have been looking for. From the moment you meet her you feel like you have known each other for years.

Brookline Events is a creative planning firm in Saskatoon. It is led by Jaclyn Baum, who is an IEWP (International Event & Wedding Planning Professional) Certified Planner. Jaclyn & her team have a passion for detailed planning that will place your wedding a touch above the rest. Everything they take on promises quality, personalization & that desired wow-factor every time. Available for wedding day-of coordination and full-service planning, from start-to-finish.

Sask Ever After:What is your favorite part of the wedding day as a wedding planner?
Jaclyn Baum: Our favourite part of the wedding day is handling every minor & major detail in order to ensure the bride & groom have the best day possible. Seeing them smiling & laughing throughout the day is confirmation that we’ve done our job!

SEA: What inspired you to be in the wedding industry?
JB: I have attended weddings for years, & have witnessed brides stress over so much throughout the course of the wedding day & the planning. I wanted to help brides to enjoy their day & the planning process leading up to the day. Planning is meant to be enjoyable, so I really wanted to make each bride’s planning experience fun!

SEA: What advice would you give to a bride when choosing a wedding planner for her wedding?
JB: A lot of vendors offer the same services, but you will be spending a lot of time with certain ones, such as your wedding planner & your photographer. Make sure your personalities click – determine who you want to spend the whole day with. Secondly, do not price shop. It is not worth sacrificing quality, the cheapest option is rarely the best one!

SEA: Educate future brides on why your business is necessary to their wedding day.
JB: A wedding planner is there from start-to-finish to assist with all aspects of planning. We have comprehensive to-do lists, budgeting tools & the experience necessary to make the planning seamless. Having a wedding planner present on your wedding day is invaluable. It will ensure you & your groom are able to enjoy your day!

SEA: Favourite wedding you have ever been a part of? Maybe it was the setting or the theme of the wedding – what made the event memorable for you as their vendor?
JB: It’s impossible to choose one! This goes back to choosing your clients & having your clients choose you. I have clicked with each & every one of my clients, and now consider all past clients my friends.

SEA: Wedding day trends that you are hoping for this year or are seeing already in couples planing their weddings?
BE: Brunch Weddings & Friday Night Weddings! Saturday weddings are still the most common, but many couples are beginning to think outside of the box when it comes to dates. Brunch & Friday Night weddings are offering a solution to overbooked venues & budgeting issues.


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Name: Jaclyn Baum
Company: Brookline Events
Business Type: Event planning
Location: Saskatoon
Facebook: Brookline Events
Instagram: @brooklineevents


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