Regina: Downtown Engagement Session

From photographer Tara Funk of Random Eyesight Photography:

I met Jilleesa and Randy on a beautiful fall day for their engagement session. I had just moved to downtown Regina so was excited to be able to try out some of my new finds – just in case you don’t know, all wedding photographers get a little giddy when they find a location that has pretty light! I love old buildings and downtown Regina has a good share of those. Jilleesa and Randy were a kind, generous couple that put up with me taking them all over downtown to different locations. Jilleesa had a couple of poses she wanted to try and I had a few I wanted to try, so we had a great collaboration. We walked, chatting about the upcoming wedding and their plans. I knew when the evening was over that their wedding day would be a great day (and it was!).

Lately I have been noticing a trend for couples to not do engagement photos. I know with today’s economy it can be tough to splurge for an extra session, but it never hurts to ask your photographer if there is a way to make it happen within your budget. I strongly recommend having an engagement session, and here’s just a few reasons why!

  • It gives you a chance to work with your photographer in advance of your wedding day. If you have’t worked with them before, an engagement session can ease a lot of anxiety you may have about having your photos taken. On your wedding day, you’ll be a pro!
  • After you’ve seen your photos, you can tell your photographer which poses you really loved, so they are sure to incorporate them on your wedding day!
  • Many brides do a trial for their hair and/or make-up. If you are getting all dolled up anyway, why not arrange to do your engagement session that day? You are already have invested in having your hair and/or make-up, and it will give you a really good idea of how it will photograph on your wedding day.
  • You’ll get some great photos to use for save the date cards, wedding invitations, and to display at your reception.
  • Doesn’t everyone need a good photo of themselves and the ones they love the most? I think they do!
  • Gives you a chance to hang out and reconnect with the person you are marrying, your best friend!

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