Five Things to Know Before Walking Down the Aisle

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The bride’s entrance is the most anticipated moment of a wedding day. Are you ready to take those first steps down the aisle? Here are five things that will prep you for that wonderful walk to your fiancé.

  1. Bouquet = Bellybutton. Your guests and your future partner want to see that stunning dress you spent months searching for. Don’t cover it up with your bouquet as you walk down the aisle. The perfect placement for your flowers is bellybutton height. If your forearms are right around your hipbones your flowers will be positioned in the correct height. Hot tip: If you think that you will get teary during your ceremony the best place for you to carry a tissue is in your bouquet.  Sneak it in the bottom by the steams.
  2. Don’t fret, my pet. You want to be in the moment, enjoying every second you get closer to the beaming smile of the one you love. Make sure you have taken care of anything that could interrupt that. There is nothing worse than that feeling that you forgot something. Give your Maid of Honor your purse ahead of time so you are not carrying it with you. You don’t want to have a fretting look on your face in any of your photos as you stress about the things you forgot.
  3. Garter check. Don’t forget to check the placement of your garter. The last thing you want is for it to fall off during the entrance (true story, we have seen it happen before). If your Maid of Honor helps you with the garter while you are getting ready that is great – it is a wonderful moment for your photographer and videographer to capture. Make sure you have your garter as high as it can comfortably go on your leg. Give yourself ten minutes or so to wear it around before you get in the limo to head to the church. That way you will know if you have it too high and can adjust it if it starts to feel uncomfortable (this is usually something that happens with the traditional stretchy kind). The really cute lace garters usually need to be placed high on your leg as they don’t have as much tension to keep it in place as you walk.
  4. Escorted? Remind whomever walks you down the aisle that they will also be in your images. It sounds like an obvious point to make, but far too often we have seen images of the bride’s escort looking off in the crowd or looking bored. Their focus should be on the bride. Maybe they are trying to keep themselves from getting too emotional, or don’t like being the center of attention, but this is a very special moment that few get to do. After all, you made the decision to ask them to walk you down the aisle. Wouldn’t you love to have images that reflect your relationship and how special that person is to you?
  5. Be in the moment. This will be one of the most emotional moments of your day together. It is literally the start of your lives together as a married couple. Let your emotions get the best of you. Smile. Cry. Laugh. You have been dreaming of this milestone since the proposal. Take it all in. Don’t think of the seating chart and how everyone is getting to the reception. Ignore all the cameras. It’s just the two of you. Breath and take a step.

Photography: Chelsea Klette Photography

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