Expert Question: Get Your Booty on the Dance Floor

Have you ever attended a wedding where the reception was a flop? The music just didn’t suit the crowd. No one was on the dance floor. You found yourself making excuses to head outside to be in the company of the swarming bugs just to get away from the blaring bad beats. At the end of the night you wondered where just where your friends found ‘DJ No Good’. We asked your expert, Trystan from Armed with Harmony, about their music selection process and how they work with their couples to create a playlist that will keep the party going.

How do you choose what music will be played?
We offer a free in-person/Skype/phone consultation and talk in depth about music that the couple likes, and what their friends, family and parents like. At the end of the day it’s the bride and groom’s party but sometimes the parents are paying the bill and they want control of the playlist, or we need to play music that the couple may personally not love but will get the party going! Happy couples have happy guests even if it means playing some retro music to please the masses.

Do couples ever make ‘playlists’ for you?
We have a few options for this. We offer a Must Play List, A Do Not Play List, Check Boxes for preferred genres, and request forms on guests tables.



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