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Sharing the love for our local vendors in Saskatchewan is one of our favorite parts of our job. We recently came across Fairmaven Floral from Saskatoon and fell in love with her garden inspired arrangements.

Sask Ever After: What is your role in the wedding day?
Fairmaven Floral: My role as the florist on the day of a bride’s wedding day is to of course design the florals, plus maintain the integrity of the look that we have discussed and make sure that each element involved emulates our couples’ visions.

SEA: What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
FF: I would have to say my favorite part of the day is delivering the bouquet.  The looks on their faces are the reason I enjoy my job so much.  It never gets old and the reactions are always different from each person.

SEA: What inspired you to be in the wedding industry?
FF: My inspirations go pretty deep, they are related to my father who passed away many years ago.  It kind of just happened by chance and I have never stopped progressing since.  I have always been a creative person throughout my growing years, dabbling in many artistic directions, this one though being the one where I have truly been able to fully express my talents.  I started off working in flower shops then went on to independent studios and am now a business owner myself.

SEA: What advice would you give to a bride when choosing a vendor in your field for her wedding?
FF: My best advice that I usually give my brides is have fun!  Picking the flowers should be a completely easy and light experience.  Always remember if you have a budget, let the person you are dealing with know.  It saves time for both people and makes the process a lot faster and easier for everyone.

SEA: Educate future brides on why your business is necessary to their wedding day.
FF: Well I of course love flowers!  I definitely feel a little empty when I see weddings without any, like something is missing.  The flowers accent you, your dress, hair, makeup, etc.  They are a part of your overall look and they are very important as they are in pretty much every photo being taken of you.

SEA: Describe your favorite wedding that you had a role in. What made the event memorable for you as their vendor?
FF: I would have to say a recent event that took place here in Saskatchewan would be my favorite so far.  The couple from start to finish were lots of fun, appreciative and loving, especially towards each other.  We turned out becoming friends and also received a lovely invitation to their wedding.

SEA: Are there any wedding day trends that you are hoping for this year or are seeing already in your field?
FF: The larger floral bouquet trend is still going strong and has now evolved into having bouquets for engagement shoots.  The use of flower farming is very popular plus the farm-to-table concept is still trending which I think isn’t going anywhere for a while. Garlands and greenery are on par for next year and of course whites, nudes and blushes have been holding strong as the most popular color trends for weddings.


Want to get in touch with Elaine?

Name: Elaine Woodward
Company: Fairmaven Flowers
Business Type: Floral design
Location: Saskatoon
Facebook page: Fairmaven Floral
Instagram username: @fairmavenfloral

Photo courtesy of Mason Neufeld Photography

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