Expert Question: Do I Really Need a Seating Chart?

We get a lot of questions sent into us here at Sask Ever After. Sometimes we don’t have all the answers and need a little help sourcing out a solution to the bride or groom’s query. This time we are letting Molly of Lux Events take the lead.

Sask Ever After: Do I need a seating plan for my wedding reception?

Molly Lux: Yes absolutely! Without a seating plan, you will end up paying more. The reason behind this is that you will need more tables and seating because, let’s face it, you will have a group of five people who will want to sit together. This leaves three chairs sitting vacant at that table. You are paying for that chair, centrepiece, and table linen. If you have a seating plan, you can put eight to a table which helps everyone to stay organized.

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Photo Credit: Copperblue Photography and Design

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Molly Lux
Owner, Designer & Planner Lux Events

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