Best of 2016: Bouquets

We love wedding florals – from trendy succulents to classic red roses, from king protea and giant peonies to dainty greenery, from fantastic Saskatchewan florists to talented DIY, and everything in between! In no particular order, here are some of our favourite bouquets of 2016!

Best of 2016: Bouquets | | © Red Bloom PhotographyPin thisimage

Flowers: Neil Therrin | Image: Red Bloom Photography

Best of 2016: Bouquets | | © Jessica Hunter PhotographyPin thisimage

Flowers: Falon Kolbinson | Image: Jessica Hunter Photography

Best of 2016: Bouquets | | © Retrospect PhotographyPin thisimage

Flowers: Bride and groom’s garden | Image: Retrospect Photography

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