Expert Question: DJ Compatibility


We have all been to the weddings where the DJ just doesn’t get the crowd. The dance floor is empty but the guests are begging to ‘cut a rug’. Don’t let bad music happen to your reception. We asked Trystan from Armed with Harmony how he matches up his couples with their ideal DJ.

Sask Ever After: We have been to weddings where Armed with Harmony is present. The DJ seems to just understand the room and plays the exact right thing to make the night memorable. How do you pair up the DJ with the wedding?

Trystan: This is about 80% based on the music the couple wants to hear. All our DJs will play great weddings but we take it a step further and do our best to send out a DJ who also likes the same kind of music. Some of our DJs are from small towns and would love to play all country all night, others would love to play a Top 40/club style wedding. The other 20% is where we try to mesh the couples’ personality with our DJ.

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