First Step in Planning Your Wedding

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Celebrate! You are engaged! Wait, what do you do next?! As someone who has been in the wedding industry for over nine years I can tell you one thing: grab a glass of champagne and let’s get to work! Planning a wedding is a ton of fun but it will also need a bit of hard work. First things first: plan your budget. Without this you have no idea what you can spend. I know this conversation is not that most ‘fun’ one to have but it is necessary. Number one rule about wedding planning: do not go into debt. The average wedding is Saskatchewan can cost around $27,000. Talk to your parents to see if they are willing to help with the cost of the wedding and go from there. The nice part about the beginning stages of planning is that most vendors only require a deposit to secure them for the day. You have time to save money for when the rest of the amount is due (usually a month to two weeks before the wedding date).

Next: find your vendors who can only work with one couple on a wedding day. Once you have figured out your perfect wedding date, start searching for your reception venue, your photographer, videographer and possibly your caterer. Places like ceremony sites can often book more than one wedding a day. However, lining them up on the same day your ideal reception location is available can be a little tricky. Hot tip: when you have located the date that you want to celebrate on for the rest of your life, inquire with every vendor you have ever come across whose work you loved. Lots book up months, if not years in advance. From a photographer’s point of view, we book up about a year or two in advance so send inquires as soon as you can. Lining up vendors early on in the planning game allows you to book the ones you really want and avoid disappointment.

A great place to start that search for your perfect vendor is our vendor guide right here on Sask Ever After. Another great place? Your friends. Ask recently married couples what companies or people made their wedding day special. Doing your homework on your possible vendors is a great idea. If you like your friends and they liked their vendors, chances are you are going to like them too. But don’t go throwing your money at these companies just yet. Meet up. See what they have to offer (collections, packages, prices).  If you like their personality, what they have to offer and their price, it’s a match. Still at a loss for where to start booking? Check out local bridal shows. Social media is another great place to source out some great companies you didn’t think of. Hashtags are great in helping you find vendors: #saskatchewanwedding. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all places that you should consider spending a little time on.

Alright, we have given you a lot to think about. We are excited to be on this journey with you! Please don’t hesitate to send any questions our way:

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