Expert Tip: How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer



After all the planning is done and the wedding day is over, all you have left are your rings, your memories and each other. Rings can be lost and memories will fade. Hire an amazing professional photographer to capture your day so those memories will last a lifetime. Have images that will make you smile and tear up thinking about what he whispered in your ear at the moment that photo was taken. Images that you want to show off. Images that your grandchildren will look at on your 50th wedding anniversary and see how your love story started.

One key piece of advice I can give you when choosing a wedding photographer is this: love them and love their work. Looking back, a wedding day is done in the blink of an eye, but you are spending usually over 12 hours of your day with friends and family. You will be spending that same amount of time with your photographer. Make sure you love their personality. That the two of you ‘click’. That they are someone you want to have sharing in on all the moments of your big day. If you are uncomfortable with your photographer on the wedding day because it is a family friend you don’t know well (that everyone insisted you hire), or is someone that has a completely different vision for your photos than you do (and you feel it will be a struggle to get the images you want), you will remember that when you look at your images. Those are not feelings you want to remember from the most romantic day of your life. On wedding days I feel like I am a part of the family. The mother of the bride calls me Dani and the groom’s parents offer for us to come back and visit their family home in Toronto anytime we want (true story). It is an amazing feeling that a friendship developed into this from an email inquiry about wedding photography. I am honored that I work with couples and their families who feel this way.

Love their work. You need to be able to get lost in a photographer’s images. Wonder what the story is behind each photo. Want them to capture every moment of your wedding day. I have not met a single person who regretted hiring a photographer they loved, but many who wished that they would have. This doesn’t mean you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a photographer for your day. Just find the one that you could spend hours having coffee with. The one who you feel is like a great friend. Someone who you are comfortable being around. That is the one you should have with you capturing all the moments of your wedding day.

If you love their work but not their personality, or they are really friendly but do so-so work, they might not be the best fit for the two of you. Take the time to look at all of your options. I always offer to meet for coffee with my potential wedding couples before they book to make sure that we are a good match. They already love my work, otherwise they wouldn’t have contacted me. If we can sit down and the conversation is not a struggle then I know that we will be perfect together.



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