Real Advice: Ways to Entertain the Kids at Your Wedding Reception


Photo Credit: Rachelle Hodgins Photography


In honor of Family Day here in Saskatchewan we are talking about kids at your wedding. Make your little guests feel extra special with a few of these ideas:

  1. Kids Craft Table – Cover the table with brown kraft paper (no need with a linen one for these guys) so they can draw on it. Scatter bundles of crayons everywhere. You could also have some other craft supplies handy like pipe cleaners, wooden popsicle sticks, construction paper, etc. Depending on your wedding date you could make the crafts themed. For a Thanksgiving wedding, give the kids the makings for their own construction paper turkey. For a winter wedding,  include the ingredients for a snowman in individual bags (marshmellows, two pretzel sticks, mini carrot and some raisins). Kids also love things like glow sticks and stickers –  anything that won’t leave them in a huge mess and will be easy to pick up for your cleaning crew.
  2. Entertainment – You may have kids of all ages at your reception, and not all of them may be into crafting. Hire a magician or a balloon twister, or consider a video games corner. Anything from this list will keep kids of all ages entertained.
  3. Hire a Babysitter – Want your friends to relax and have a good time? Hire babysitters to watch the kids. This is especially helpful when your kids area is in a separate room or set up far away from the main area of the reception.
  4. Kids Dance Party – Ask your DJ to play a block of kids songs (two or three) and have just the kids invited to the dance floor.
  5. Snacks – Create a snack table just for your little guests. Include things like chips and dip, individual veggies and dip, and assorted candy. Fun tip: Instead of a midnight lunch,  have a ‘midnight snack’ of cookies and milk just for the kids.
  6. Photo Booth – Set up a photo booth for the kids,  complete with dress-up items. Kids love to play dress-up! If you find a company that prints the images on site,  the kids will have a great keepsake from the evening.
  7. Outdoor Reception – There are so many fun things you can set up for an outdoor reception that you can’t inside. A bouncy castle, piñata, ring toss, ball pit – you name it, you will have space for it!

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