Expert Advice: Videographer + Photographer Wedding Day Timeline?

Organizing all your family members and wedding party on the wedding day is a feat in itself. Next on the list should be the pickups and drop offs of your rentals/flowers/etc. But wait! Organizing your vendors, specifically your videographer and your photographer, and their wedding day timeline was something you didn’t think of. Brittany of Gossner Productions explains to us how they work with your photographer and create a schedule that works for the two of them so you don’t have to.


Sask Ever After: Will you and the photographer have the same shooting schedule?

Gossner Productions: This all depends on how long you’ve hired your photographer and videographer for. Sometimes they will have the same schedule and other times it might just be the photographer or the videographer shooting. During the day the videographer might need more time to set up their cameras and shots as well. For certain events like the ceremony or reception, we try to get to the location 30 minutes in advance to set up our cameras and mic up the groom and whoever is performing the ceremony. During the formal photography session, the videographer might tag along. We tend to film a bit during this time, but try to stay out of the way as to not interrupt the photographer. There may be some cases where the couple and videographer request time with the couple for their own video shoot. In this case, make sure that the photographer is aware of this! Every videographer is different, so make sure that you talk to them about their workflow during your wedding day.

I also think it’s important for the couple to tell their photographer they are thinking about hiring a videographer as soon as possible. I’ve had a couple clients even go a step further and set up a meeting so the photographer and I could get to know each other. It was awesome! We chatted about our workflow before the wedding day so when the day came, it was a comfortable and fun shoot. Sometimes this meetup isn’t possible so I’ll just politely introduce myself to the photographer and let them know how I roll and it works great. I’ve always had wonderful experiences working with photographers!


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