Expert Info: Getting Your Groom to ‘Suit Up’


This week we are all about the groom and his guys. It seems that brides get all the fun when it comes to finding their attire for the big day.  It all starts with the champagne booking at your favourite bridal salon, then the reveal party with your bridesmaids once you find THE one, and of course taking your girls out to find their bridesmaids dresses. In all of this whirlwind of fun the groom is often left out. Instead he goes to a suit rental store, where he doesn’t want to be, to choose an ill-fitting garment that he will complain about wearing every chance he gets. Recently at a bridal show I spoke to Adrian and Curtis, two Eph Apparel Reps/Travelling Stylists here in Saskatchewan, about their process of getting grooms ‘suited up’ for the wedding into something guys really enjoy. Their process is very much geared toward guys and their shopping habits. They have a very cool thing going on.

Adrian: Basically the story behind our services is that we make custom made clothing affordable and fun! We have the ability to suit up anyone with their dream suit!

We love having a group of guys come together in the name of fun and fashion to hang out, have a few beers/scotch/pizza/watch a game, you name it, while we take individuals off to the side to get them measured up and into a fully customized and self-designed suit. We make suit shopping easy and fun rather than spending days browsing stores to eventually compromise on something that only fits ‘okay’. With us every item is fully custom fit and designed specifically to each individual.

Our suit parties, as I like to call them can be hosted literally anywhere within reason. We come to the party with our style kit full of all our available suit/shirt/blazer/pants swatches, and the expertise to interject fashion advice throughout the process!

Curtis: We offer a 10% discount (for each to suit purchased) to wedding parties buying four or more suits. The number one reason to book with EPH for your wedding is the convenience – we are one of Canada’s most accessible retailers, meaning we come to you. It’s so easy for the groom to invite all the guys over for an evening and we can just show up to tackle the entire wedding party at one time, all with matching fabrics and fun customization. We make sure that the guys in the wedding party look top notch for the big day and they always turn out exceptionally well in photos compared to a rental.

Buying suits for the guys is always the best way to go if it is within budget (our lowest is $299). If you look at all of the garments worn in a wedding party – the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, and then suits, which garment is the most likely to be worn again at some point? A suit. Yet most wedding parties are still renting the only piece of clothing that really makes sense to be worn multiple times. It’s a little backwards.

We work off of 18 different measurements of each individual to ensure a great fit. We also offer a “flawless fit guarantee” that guarantees your suit will fit you exceptionally well by the time the whole process is complete (75$ alterations credit available for 30 days upon receiving the garment). Most of our guys receive the suit exactly how it should fit right out of the box, but occasionally there are minor alterations required on the first order. Those changes are recorded on file and second or third suit purchases reflect any changes made.

We show up to a customer’s house with our fabric kits, sample garments, and an enthusiastic attitude because we are all passionate about suits and dressing stylish.


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