2017 Wedding Trends // Part One

2017 is a beautiful year to get married in Saskatchewan. We are seeing the arrival of watercolour accents and unique greenery to reception details, personalized touches as opposed to ‘Pinterest’ weddings, and smaller guest lists. We are witnessing local craft beers making an appearance in the lineup behind the bar, and tasting notes from locally sourced ingredients in the meals. We received so much insight as to what we can expect this year that we had to split our trends post up into a few entries. Our vendors rock! Here is a list of some wonderful inspiration from our Sask Ever After vendors to look forward to, or incorporate into your own wedding day.



Fairmaven Floral always creates beautiful and unique bouquets. Of course we had to ask her about what her brides will be carrying this wedding season:
Bloom-wise, that’s a hard one. Season to season they are always changing. I mean garden roses are always a staple in itself, but i myself can’t say that there is a go-to bloom that supersedes all the rest! If it were my choice it would have to be ranunculus. Seriously has to be a staple in most bouquets. The greenery/vine that is super hot and has been for the last couple of years is Smilax, although it seems to be a bit of a secret here at the moment. More then 50% of our weddings this year we will be using it, so you will see it lots here in Saskatchewan this year!

When you think about boutonnières most people only picture a red rose with a single leaf – something boring and uninspiring. This is not the case if Michelle from Michelle’s Flowers has a say in it:
‘Bouts are so under played!! And they really do look sharp in photos!! I would say this year, an earthy, organic look is what most of my brides are choosing (with a litle push from me). Simplicity is key!! Subtle few blooms paired some some really great textured greens.

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Photo Credit: Chelsea Klette Photography 



The ladies at W Bridals Curvy Couture are wonderful at what they do. Knowledgable and friendly, what more could you ask for in someone helping you find your dream gown. We just had to hear what was in store for dresses this year:
Satin is making a come back, classic and clean. Ball gowns are also emerging more, whether they be strapless to full sleeves and anything in between. But fitted is still the strongest fit being featured! Lace is still going strong, just a little bit or head to toe -any way you mix it, brides are loving lace. Companies typically offer beading and embroidery in silver but trending now is gold and rose gold as well. Then it gets all thrown together with ivory lace, with a champagne satin for contrast and gold embroidery. Any of these trends make for some of the most spectacular gowns!!

Champagne, light gold, blush are trending a lot now, whether it be the wedding dress itself or the bridesmaid gowns. Other bridesmaid colours that are popular are navy, plum, burgundy and royal blue.

Lots of brides are wearing combs or hair pieces along with their veil – a little something left in their hair after the veil comes off. I’m seeing brides choosing to go without a necklace more and more often. A reasonable or even big earring paired with a bracelet. If a bride is choosing to wear a necklace I’m seeing pearls! Vintage pieces, heirloom pieces or just costume jewelry- pearls are totally trending!!

Photo Credit: Danielle Stasiuk Photography 


Planning the Details

Molly Lux is the planning guru at Lux Events.  She shared with us the trends that she is seeing for her couples this year. Here is her list (in no particular order):
Greenery runners- Picture it on your reception guest tables, the head table, even lining the front of your cake table
Wooden tables- Swoon!
Blush is still a big colour- because it’s beautiful!
Customized stationery- Not a monogram necessarily, but the same colour and feel from the invitation thru to the reception. Think: seating chart to menus to place cards and even thank you cards. 

We have given you a lot to think about, but where do you even start to look for something ‘trendy’ to rent out here on the prairies? Look no further than Handy Special Events. They have so many of the items you are dreaming up for your reception and you didn’t even know it. Janel let us in on the most sought after pieces in their collection.
The biggest trends we are seeing this year from a rental point of view are specialized wedding chairs. In the past chair covers have been extremely popular, and still are, because let’s face it, not every venue comes with gorgeous chairs. This year we are seeing, more than ever, the use of Chiavari chairs, which we have in gold, silver, and ice, but also the new and ever so trendy wooden crossback chair. The versatility of these chair styles is truly amazing. We have seen both styles of chairs used for rustic country weddings, corporate events, elegant and modern weddings, and even for intimate dinner parties! 

The second big trend that is still going on in the prairies are sequins! Because of this love of bling, we now have over 20 different linens that feature either full or partial sequin including runners, curtains, and full length table cloths. It is so easy to add a simple sequin runner to your table decor, as it adds so much character to your design that you can cut back on other table decor if it’s just not in the budget. 

The third major trend that we are seeing, and will continue to see for next few years is boho. Whether you use the theme to its fullest extent, or simply use a few vintage (or vintage looking) pieces, this look is here and in a major way. Every decor theme from rustic to Disney is incorporating found pieces and it is easy to do! To feed the need for the re-purposed look, we have brought in vintage goblets which look like refinished vintage stemware -available in pink and grey! 



Personalized cocktails have been trending for a few years now here in Saskatchewan. Featuring a favourite beverage of the bride and/or groom is common but many are creating something completely unique and special for the wedding day itself. We checked in with Ian Miller, bar manager at Ayden Kitchen and Bar, about what flavours you should be mixing into your wedding spirit. If you are looking for more inspiration you should really check out his Instagram account: @ianmiller85  
Fresh and healthy is a huge trend right now. Banana is also going to be a popular flavour. Under the fresh and healthy category you will find herbs (mint, thyme, rosemary) and vegetables (cucumbers, snap peas, some even using cauliflower) as big players. Add honey to the mix of all those fresh things and you will get a really great flavour. 

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Photo Credit: Nicole Gerhardt Photography




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