Expert Advice: The Destination Wedding Trend

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The idea of ‘running away’ to get married on a tropical beach is something that lots of couples dream about. Maybe it is something that you would love to do with your fiancé on your big day. But where do you start? Plan it on your own? With all the travel sites out there it should be a breeze to plan travel arrangements, travel insurance and hotel for all 30 of your guests, right? Avoid the headache and find a travel agent. We talked to destination wedding expert Kaili Barnes of K Barnes Travel in Watrous, SK about planning a wedding abroad with a travel agent.

The Destination Wedding Trend

Did you know that 25% of weddings that occur between November and April are destination weddings?* Chances are, you probably know someone who has had a wedding away. Is this a new trend? Well, the end of the ‘60s and beginning of ‘70s saw a large increase in elopements. This was mainly due to parental disapproval or pregnancy. Fast-forward to the ‘90s and elopement didn’t have the bad rep it once did. Couples were starting to favor more intimate wedding ceremonies, and also combining their honeymoon with their wedding, which lead to the destination wedding!

Two of the most common reasons I hear why couples choose a destination wedding is the decreased cost and minimal planning requirements compared to a traditional Canadian wedding. The average wedding in Canada costs approximately $25,000 whereas an average destination wedding comes in at about half of that. You really can’t beat the low-stress and laid back approach to destination wedding planning. Work with a travel agent and coordinator who specializes in destination weddings and you will be well taken care of. We have extensive knowledge on different locations and destinations from hours of research, past client reviews, and personal experience.

We also will take care of travel arrangements for you and your group, itinerary and budget planning, working with vendors, guest communications, and so many other behind the scenes services. A destination wedding can take place anywhere you want it to. It can be a location within your country that is special to you, a beach in a tropical destination, surrounded by vineyards in Italy, a rainforest in Costa Rica, or even a Scottish castle. That’s the beauty of destination weddings – you aren’t stuck inside a traditional box. You set what you want your wedding to be. They tend to be smaller in size with your closest family and friends attending and you will have several days to visit with your guests instead of just one very busy night! On your wedding day you can relax, enjoy the day, and focus on the reason you are all there.

With that being said, destination weddings aren’t for everyone. You have to be someone who can handle “letting go of the reins”! Being patient and flexible is an asset as you may be working with vendors in other countries. You also have to understand and be able to accept that not everyone you want to be there will be able to make it. Cost restraints, work schedules, and travel limitations may be some of the reasons guests will be unable to attend. Talk to your friends and family and listen to their opinions, but remember; this is your wedding and at the end of the day you and your partner should be excited and happy about this upcoming milestone!

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