Real Advice: Bridal Shower Inspiration

Pin thisimageThe season for bridal showers is upon us. Make sure you send this post to your bestie as she plans yours – we have some great ideas for them!

Opt for a stylish gold and blush color scheme or dive into a mermaid theme. Brunch bridal showers are very trendy this year as are food stations. Think mimosa bars, bagel bars and create your own yogurt bars (complete with fresh fruit and granola).

We have collected some great games to play with your guests that won’t tempt them to leave early. We also included some classics that your older attendees may have played at their bridal shower.

One of my personal favourite gift ideas is the ‘Year of Firsts’ wine basket. Each guest brings a bottle of wine and places a tag on it as to when the couple can open it (first Christmas as a married couple, purchase of their first home, first anniversary, etc).

Wanting to host a bridal shower later in the day? Bring classic meals to your guests’ fingertips. Making pint-sized chicken and waffles or mini hot dogs will certainly get people talking.

Head over to our Pinterest page to see the ideas we’ve saved: Bridal Shower Ideas


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