2017 Wedding Trends // Part Two

We received so much insight as to what we can expect for wedding trends this year that we had to split our trends post up into a few entries. Our vendors rock! Here is part two of our 2017 wedding trends series. If you missed part one, you can check it out here.


Kendal Kayter Makeup Artist & Stylist is one of the talented ladies that helps brides get wedding-ready on their big day. She is based out of Saskatoon but travels all over our province to do makeup application and hair for brides and their wedding parties. We asked her about the upcoming wedding year and what we can expect in trends and tips for hair and makeup.

The ombre hair technique gives brides that sunkissed vintage look. This technique continues to grow, and as stylists continue to experiment with the trend, they are getting creative with color. Steel greys, purples, and rose gold are the hot colours for hair this year. Another trend is pre-lightening your hair with the ombre technique and finishing it off with a solid color over top. It is suggested to brides that they have a few colour sessions before their big day. Changes are easily made after the first colour trial. Plan to refresh your colour right before the big day.

Regular trims are recommended. A lot of brides grow their hair throughout their engagement. Regular trims and deep conditioning treatments done by your stylist keep your hair healthy and easily styled for the big day. Without this, hair breaks off and doesn’t grow. Bonus: healthy hair also grows faster.

As far as wedding day trends go, we are seeing that brides and bridesmaids are keeping with the romantic vintage chic trend from 2016, but taking it to another level. Instead of the traditionally smoothed-out style, brides are mixing braids and buns for a piece-ier look. Instead of the traditional veil, they are adding flower crowns or vintage clips of flowers and baby’s breath with a touch of sparkle.

Some brides have switched from using the traditional glue-on strip lashes and are saying hello to the craze of lash extensions.  If you’ve never had eyelash extensions applied before, most lash studios recommend booking a full set two weeks before your wedding date or departure date at the latest. Then, book a fill one or two days before the date. This will allow time to experiment with different lashes, learn proper aftercare, and ensure there are no allergies to the product. Booking a month in advance plus two fills before the date would be an ideal situation.

An alternative to extensions is glue-on strip lashesIf not put on properly, glue-on lashes can peel up at the corners. Even though they have a clear base line they can still be noticed, whereas lash extensions look more natural as they are attached directly the natural lash. However, if applied correctly and filled in, glue-on lashes do serve the purpose for those ladies that would like them for the day and don’t want to worry about the cost and upkeep of lash extensions. If you do choose to do strip lashes, ask your artist about wispies. They are definitely trending this year. The natural full look of the professional Ardelle Demi Wispie Lashes give the full look that lash extensions can. These are something that I use a lot for wedding and boudoir clients. Please let your artist purchase the lashes, as the ones purchased from the drug store are of lesser quality.

Eyebrows have taken on a more natural filled-in look, whereas last year they were more defined. In 2016 we used more tinted pencils and gel to color in and define the brow, but this year ladies are opting for more natural, youthful brows. We use tinted gel to draw lines and fill in spaces to create the illusion of hairs, and fill in with shadow to create a softer natural look. Hairs are not perfectly combed, but natural and spread out. Brides, make sure to have a brow shaping done a few days before the wedding allowing your skin to settle from the redness.

Hot this year are the soft pink shades of shadow: think matte meets shimmer. One of my favourite pallettes that has both of these looks is ‘In the Flesh’ by MAC Cosmetics. Use a matte shade in the crease and a shimmer on the lid, or add a dark brown to the corner to add a smokey effect.  Of course highlighting powder is also still a must for brides.

This year’s eyeliner trend is not finishing the darker liner under the eyes. Instead of a pencil, use a shadow and smudger brush to blend in a dark color from the outer eye to a lighter colour on the inner part of the eye. This softens the eye, instead of having a distinctive line. It also brings the top liner and bottom liner together.  Shiny finish liquid liner is now in, rather than the matte finish liquid liner. This helps to highlight the eyes and make them pop. Add in wings for a more dramatic effect.

Lipgloss has made its way back. Pair both lipgloss and lipstick for a fresher look. Use the lipstick first and put the gloss more in the center of your lips to create a highlight. We are seeing that a nude lip is quite popular this year, but there is no rule against having a deeper matte burgundy or playful red on your lips.

Check out our Pinterest page to see more of these beautiful trends for 2017 weddings.

Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard of Lia Reese cosmetics. They were created right here in Saskatchewan by Jessica Tetu. We personally love the ‘Apple Head’ Lipstick Extreme for any bride on her wedding day. Not big on colour? Their ‘Jennifer’ gloss is a great neutral to wear. Either way, there is a perfect colour in this line for the bride and each member of her entourage.


Photo Credit: Random Eyesight Photography

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