Real Advice: Guests Just Wanna Have Fun

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Every wedding reception is unique because every couple’s love story is unique. However, if you really want to have your reception stand out and have guests talking for years to come, you need to raise the bar. Lots of couples are exchanging vows in remote locations, or later in the day, leaving guests little or no time in between the ceremony and cocktail hour. In most cases they are also hosting their reception on the same property. Yes, your guests would love to enjoy a drink while mingling, but that can get a little excessive if you have a warm summer day (which tends to make most guests consume extra beverages). We don’t need your guests to be really tipsy before you make your grand entrance. Guests want something to do. Notice how photobooths have become a huge thing at receptions? People want something else to do besides dancing and drinking. This gives them memories to take home with them – something that they will share with others and talk about how great your wedding was. Not a huge photobooth fan? We have a great list of activities for your guests to do while they enjoy your day.

Karaoke – Notice how the singing starts later in the evening when you are out with your crew? Everyone thinks they can sing and dance like Beyoncé after a couple of adult beverages. Incorporate it into your wedding evening! Have it start just after the midnight lunch is served (which typically now happens around the 10:30 pm mark). This is also a great activity for your videographer to capture!

Cigar bar – Something to offer your guests during cocktail hour is a cigar bar. Talk to a local smoke shop or cigar lounge and get them to come out to the reception with some samples and education on each cigar. You could even pair this up with a scotch tasting. Cigars and scotch always go hand-in-hand.

Mixology class – Hire a local mixologist to come out and teach your guests how to make the custom cocktail that you have chosen for your wedding. Keeping with a theme that is already incorporated into your wedding allows guests to feel like they are a part of the behind-the-scenes of the day. Don’t have a custom cocktail? Have a local liquor rep come out and do a tasting. Contact your local liquor store to see who works with them. Reps love sharing their knowledge on their products and your guests will get to try some new spirits.

Paint afternoon – Love the idea of the trending paint nights and wine? Have an instructor in for the afternoon (during the down time between the ceremony and cocktail hour, or at cocktail hour) and have your guests paint a portrait of the two of you from your engagement session. These would be amazing keepsakes for the two of you.

Floral fun – There are a lot of great local floral classes going on all year round. Contact one of your favourite florists or greenhouses to have a succulent class, or to learn how to make the best floral arrangement. You could always make these a bigger part of your day and keep them as the centrepieces for your tables at the reception.

Having something unique for your guests to do adds an element of fun to the typical timeline of a wedding day. Keeping the activity to something that represents the two of you will make it fit into your day even better.

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