Expert Question: How Do I Decide on a Theme that Reflects Us?

It will feel like you have been to hundreds of weddings before you plan your own. Most of them all blur together: the same meal, the same location, the same theme. Until you attend that one wedding that reflects who the couple really is. You get a sense of their personalities in every detail throughout the day. Want to know how the couple did that? They probably hired Molly from Lux Events. We asked Molly our most popular reader question: how to decide on a theme that reflects the two of you personally rather than one which is ‘overdone’.

I am not crafty. Do I come to you with ideas on decor and theme? Or do you have ideas? Do we work together on it?

Molly: Almost every bride we deal with has been on Pinterest, or has a few ideas of the direction she wants her wedding to go in. It can be very overwhelming to try to cull all your ideas together and make an actual plan for your day. That is where we come in. We take that board and really dig deep and ask questions we find important to you: Where do you eat? Where was your first date? After this process, we know what is important to you and so we cater the design to you. You won’t look at our list of weddings and see one wedding that looks like the other because we bring YOU into the design. We love hearing from guests that the wedding was so thought-out and personalized. It makes your day really stand out from the rest. We definitely work together with you on the design and can help with DIY projects if that’s not your thing. You have full access to our online planning software which allows you to upload and comment on photos you love so we can incorporate them into your day!

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