Real Advice: Unique Wedding Gifts

We all have those friends. The ones who already have everything. When their wedding invitation shows up in the mail you are excited, but think ‘What the heck am I going to get them?’ They honestly don’t need another set of flat wear or new towels. We are here to help you. Browse our list of unique gifts to find one that will be just what your friends deserve on their wedding day.

Think Money, in a Different Way: Commemorate their love with a coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. This will certainly not be on their registry but will be something that they will cherish for years to come. The silver coin with rose gold plated accents sells for $112 CND. You can order one from their website.

Whats in a Name: Think their love is ‘out of this world’? Why don’t you have a star named after them? It’s easy and you can do the whole process online. Not keen on stars? Other gifts along this same line are: adopting a whale, or endangered species in their honour. Not everyone can say that have ever had something like this done for them.

Make a Donation: Donate to their favourite charity in their name. There are a lot of local charities to choose from if they don’t have one that is near and dear to them (local hospital, plant a tree, forestry farm, etc). Most charities acknowledge their donors in a public manor (when they reach a certain monetary level). It will be great for your friends to visit their names on display.

Time Capsule: Grab items from the year that your friends are getting married, or better yet things from the exact wedding date, and place them all in a wooden box. You can get one custom made with their names and date on it if you like. Things that could be included in the box are: the local newspaper (from the day they got married), a stamp with the year on it, a coin with the year displayed on it, a bottle of the same wine they will serve at their wedding, their wedding invitation. You could even ask for a copy of couple’s vows to place in the box. Make sure that you give your friends clear instructions on when to open their wedding time capsule. They may want to dig into it right away!

Think Local: Ask a local artisan to create a one-of-a-kind something for your friends. Source out someone who makes beautiful patchwork blankets or custom furniture. Both ideas would make a perfect wedding gift. Do your friends have a pet? Get a painting or drawing done of their favourite furry friend. The options are seriously endless when you start looking local. Keep in mind: pieces like this may take some time to create, so placing your order early is a great idea.

Create a Date Night: Think of how much time your friends haven’t had to just go out and relax during all the prep and planning for the wedding. Help them out and create a date night for them. Grab a gift certificate from a new restaurant that opened up and maybe tickets to a show. Your friends will thank you for reminding them to take time for each other now that the wedding is over.

Map it Out: My favourite item on this list is the custom star map. This wonderful gift gives you a map of the local sky on any given date. Obviously you could choose their wedding date. Or you could take it a step further and have the map created for the day they met. Check out their website,, for options.


Have a great idea for a unique wedding gift? Let us know!


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