Real Bride Question: Long Weekend Wedding Faux Pas?

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Hi Danielle and Tracy!

I have a question about having our wedding on a long weekend. I have always dreamed of having one since we have lots of family who rarely get to come home to Saskatchewan in the summer. Is it ok to do? I have been hearing mixed reviews, mainly from my family members. They say that if we have the wedding on any long weekend in the summer they will not be attending. Clearly they are giving me their RSVP way in advance.  Help! What should we do?

Long Weekend Wendy


Dear Wendy,

This has been an age old debate: to long weekend or not to long weekend. People are pretty set in their ways when it comes to this topic, and they get quite heated about it all. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of having your big day on one of our province’s extended weekends.

The main reason people don’t want to give up their long weekends in Saskatchewan is weather. Most of the time we have two seasons: winter (for 9 months) and summer (for 3 months). People like to take advantage of their summer long weekends because the camping/cabin/fishing season is so short. They would rather be sitting in the bugs at lake than at your beautiful reception. You can’t blame them. The evidence is right there. Our summers are short and they do want to enjoy their ‘happy place’ as much as they can.

On the other hand, some of your guests will appreciate the long weekend nuptials. Guests who have far to travel or are looking for an alternate location for a family holiday will look forward to visiting the Land of the Living Skies. Out of town guests hate being rushed on Friday after work to leave their city and get to another province in good time to be rested and ready to go for the wedding the next day – only to be rushed and not hung over to head back home Sunday morning. Giving them this extra travel time or ‘vacation’ time will really be appreciated. They may even plan a little extended holiday around the wedding, by heading to their favourite lake the following week or checking out many of our province’s beautiful destinations.

Having your wedding on a long weekend allows you to treat it like a destination wedding. You are not committed to exchanging your vows on the Saturday. Move the big day to the Sunday and plan fun things for your guests to do on the Saturday. Have a welcome BBQ, host a day of ‘backyard games’, or plan a tour that takes your out-of-town guests around your town or city. Using this extra day for fun events allows you to mingle with everyone you invited. Trying to cram in all of your visiting into one whirlwind of a wedding evening is hard to do. You often miss chatting with someone that you really wanted to see at the reception.

Really, in the end you should do what you would like to do for your wedding date. Yes, there are guests that will not be there because you are hosting the wedding on a long weekend. You could look at that as a blessing in disguise that they are giving their RSVP way in advance – your numbers for supper will be less which will save you money. Or now you can invite a few more of your friends and family that were further down the list, not because you liked them less but because you had to be cutthroat with your numbers due to the fact that your venue had a smaller guest capacity than you had guests on your list.

With all of this in mind you will have to make a decision based on if not having those guests at your wedding bothers you enough to change the date. If it does, then having a long weekended celebration may not be the way to go.

The Sask Ever After Team


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