Real Bride Question: Any New Trends?

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Hi Sask Ever After,

I have been reading your blog for the past year and have loved everything about it. I especially enjoyed the posts about the wedding trends earlier this year. I am currently planning my wedding for next year and am looking for a little advice. I want to do something different with our ceremony. Is there anything that you could suggest for a summer wedding?

Trendy Tandy


Dear Tandy,

We are so glad that you are enjoying the blog! It’s so nice to hear that we are helping you along with planning your upcoming nuptials. Let’s get to your great question! Trying to do something new with the set-up of a ceremony is hard. The tradition and sentiment behind the wedding ceremony is really what the whole day is built around. After all, this is the part of the day that officially makes you married. There is one trend that we loved that recently came to light in one of our recent real wedding posts that you could spin into using for the ceremony. This was from Carlie and Mac‘s wedding where they had hosted their reception ‘in the round’. They placed the head table in the centre of the banquet room as opposed to the front of the room where most couples have theirs. Take this idea and implement it into your ceremony. Place yourselves in the middle of all of your guests. You could have four aisles leading right to the middle of the chairs. This works best if you have a ceremony outdoors. You could create something to stand on to elevate you so all of your guests can see you, or just stand on a rug – something to signify the middle where the two of you will meet to say your vows. We love the idea of creating this intimate space for your ceremony. Your guests will feel closer to the two of you and you will feel so much more love this way. We hope that you consider this idea for your own wedding. And if you do, please send us some images!



Image: Laina Brown Photography

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