Stewart Valley: Gloryview Farm

From photographer Tara Funk of Random Eyesight Photography:

During the winter I was archiving photos from the past year and was once again struck by the beauty of Saskatchewan. All too often I hear complaints about Saskatchewan – it’s too flat, too windy, not pretty enough, the weather too temperamental. But all of those things are things that make Saskatchewan such a gorgeous place. I can’t look out at the prairie without an overwhelming feeling of beauty, looking at the prairie grasses blowing in the wind, or a grain field in full bloom or ready for harvest. I love the wind. I love the stormy skies we get. I truly love Southern Saskatchewan. I decided to set up a styled shoot to display the things Saskatchewan has to offer. I meet Kirsten from Three Strands Wedding Design at a wedding event. She had returned to Saskatchewan and I thought this could be a good way for us to collaborate on styled shoot.

We named the shoot ‘Living Skies’. I wanted those colours in a Saskatchewan sunset – the pinks, purples, reds, oranges, blues, the golds. I wanted to embrace the things that I hear complained about Saskatchewan. I wanted to embrace the sun, embrace the wind, embrace the prairie. At the same time I wanted to showcase some newer talent in the area. We choose our location because of the gorgeous river valley view and the wind swept prairies. The locale is also going to be opening up next year for wedding events so it was a perfect opportunity to showcase it.

The dress was chosen for its the full and flowing skirt and because it wasn’t strapless. Slowly there has been a trend of dresses that have sleeves and straps. These dresses are gorgeous and often suite a wide variety of brides’ body types better than a typical strapless dress.

For the decor and flowers I left very loose guidelines. I wanted it to be flowing, I wanted the sunset colours and I wanted it soft, otherwise it was up to those vendors. As many of the vendors put in a lot of effort and funds for this, I wanted the opportunity to showcase their talents and give them a chance to be creative and show off. I was amazed at how it all came together. I didn’t see the final product until the morning of the shoot and it blew me away.

Saskatchewan may not have all the choices of our more populated provinces but there is a wealth of talent within this province. Photos on the wide open prairies are always breathtaking. A photographer I greatly admire once said, if you take photos of things you love, that will always shine through. This is why one of my favourite things to photograph is weddings on the Saskatchewan prairie. I love this landscape, I heart this province. Add two people in love in pretty clothes with some pretty flowers, preferably during evening light and I couldn’t ask for anything better.

A little piece of advice for those planning, if you are overwhelmed or don’t know where to go for a vendor, ask your photographer. We go to a lot of weddings in a year, chances are we know someone that can do what you want or provides that service you are looking for.

I just want to say thank you again to all the vendors – you exceeded my expectations. I truly enjoyed the day spent with all of you.

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