DIY: Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Pin thisimageThere are so many things going on during a wedding day. You can plan every move down to a science on a timeline, but there will always be something that arises unexpectedly. No one scheduled the stain on your dress to appear or your new husband to get your Aunt Margaret’s makeup all over his suit jacket when she hugged him during the receiving line.

After attending hundreds of weddings we have seen a thing or two and have compiled a list of all the items you may need to have handy on the big day so you can create your own wedding day emergency kit.  Don’t leave for your wedding without one!

Items to include in your wedding day emergency kit:

  • Headache remedies: We all know that one member of the wedding party who will have a few too many adult beverages the night before the wedding. Sometimes there are a few people who indulge so make sure you have a whole bottle handy – just in case.
  • Stomach settlers: Whether it is the bride or groom with the upset tummy, or the bride’s dad before heading down the aisle, it’s best to have something in the kit to settle the butterflies.
  • Hair helpers: Bobby pins, hairspray and a tail comb. Oh, my! All of these are a must to be included in the bag. Also, if you are close with your stylist, see if they can help you touch up your hair before you enter your reception. If they are busy, make sure that someone in your entourage knows how to take out your veil, if you are switching up your style before the evening program. That is when all of the above mentioned will come in handy for sure!
  • Makeup must-haves: Lipstick/lip gloss and blotting papers (especially for hot summer days) are all important items to bring along.

Handy extras:

  • Tide To Go (or something similar): This little guy is the bomb! I have gotten grease out of a wedding dress with one of these before.
  • Safety pins: These are great to have as they will come in handy for many reasons, from pinning your Grandfather’s handkerchief to your bouquet to fixing that pesky strap on your maid of honor’s dress.
  • Needle and thread: Because sometimes safety pins just won’t do.
  • Band-Aids and first aid kit: Blisters are expected from all the new shoe wearing by the bridesmaids, but you can’t  plan for the best man to not cut his hand while opening the champagne.
  • Shoe polish kit: Got to keep things shiny for the groom and his crew!
  • Scissors: Because someone always needs a pair and no one ever has one! You will save the day by having some handy.
  • Bug spray: Come on, we live in Saskatchewan. Do we really need to explain this one? Some bug bite anti-itch remedy is also a good idea to bring along.
  • Clear nail polish: This old-school remedy is still a great way to fix runs in pantyhose or loose threads on garments.
  • Water: If you are going to be outside on a summer day, having plenty of water for everyone will make you the favourite. I know most of the wedding party will want to consume liquor during the day, but insisting on getting some water in them will prevent heatstroke and keep the group hydrated (instead of tipsy).
  • Gum or mints: We need the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. to have fresh breath for their first kiss, right?
  • Kleenex: For happy tears.
  • Hot Pockets: To keep your feet and hands warm when having photos taken outside in the winter months.
  • Wet Naps: A great little item to have along in case someone needs to wash their hands. Believe me, it happens.
  • Paper towel or dry cloth: To dry hands or spilled drinks.

These are the most commonly used/needed items on a wedding day. Please let us know if you included something in your kit that we missed!

Photo Credit: Starr Mercer Photography

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