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Dear Sask Ever After,

I am super excited for my wedding next year and am trying to plan and organize as much as I can in advance. We have found the perfect photographer for the day and wanted to know if we need to provide them with a list of pictures that we want taken?

Thank you in advance,
Planning Patty


Hi Patty,

When you hire a photographer for your wedding you are hiring someone to capture your day as they see it. Some take the more documentary approach (photographing things as they happen – sort of like being a fly on the wall and staying out of the way) and others like to be more involved and help set up the shots they want to get from the event. Either way most photographers don’t work well checking off images from a list (with one exception). Here’s why: a photographer is an artist. They get wrapped up in the day. They work off of anticipation and story-telling. When you hand them a list of images that disrupts their attention to what is happening in the room and makes them focus on finding ‘Bob and Carol hugging’. Most things on your list will naturally happen during the day and your photographer will capture that. If you have looked at your photographer’s work in their portfolio and you love it, you have hired the right person for the job. If you look at their work and it leaves you with questions then maybe you need to find someone else. This doesn’t mean that you cannot ask for certain shots to be taken on your day. Suggestions are great! However, don’t hire someone who is clearly a documentary shooter to create a composite photo of you and your wedding party running from a T-Rex. It’s obviously not their style and you may be disappointed with the outcome.

Back to the point about the list exception. Family photos are the only time a list is very much appreciated. As much as you know who should be in your family photos and what sort of combinations you want, your day is going to be so crazy busy that you may forget that you wanted an image of just your brothers. Create a list before hand, double check with your parents on any combinations that they want photographed, and print off three copies (even email a copy to your photographer). Give one to your photographer, one to a designated person who will help find/identify family members (it’s like herding cats at this point of the day so extra help is appreciated), and keep one copy as a backup.

Thank you so much for your question Patty. We hope you day is picture perfect!

Sask Ever After


Photo Credit: Stick Productions

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