Real Advice: Getting Crafty with Invitations After the Wedding


Hey Sask Ever After,

Do I have a question for you! We have so many wedding invitations left over from our big day. I don’t want to throw them out but would rather create something with them – maybe something nice to give to our parents or wedding party. Do you have any ideas what I could do?

Recycling Rita

Dear Rita,
Ordering extra paper goods for your wedding is inevitable. When you have a beautiful invitation suite created just for you, it’s hard to just toss the extras. We have some great ideas to repurpose or get crafty with those old invites.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is something for yourself and your parents: framing. This is something that you will want to take to a professional framer. They can lay out your invitation, reply cards, menu selection and envelopes in a beautiful manner. Then, choose the perfect mat and frame to complement your wedding colours.
  • Another way of framing your invitation would be to use a shadow box frame. This way you can include some other fun elements that make you think of your wedding day. If you had a winter wedding you can enclose some pinecones and fake fluffy, sparkly snow. Married in the fall? Include some decorative leaves. Anything that personalizes it will be perfect.
  • We all know someone who loves to scrapbook. Maybe it’s you! You could include your invitation along with snapshots that your guests took at the wedding.
  • Another crafty idea is to tear the invitation into small thumbprint-sized pieces, leaving your names intact. Then take the pieces and arrange them into the shape of a heart onto some card stock with your names in the middle. Glue or Mod Podge the pieces to the paper and frame.
  • If you wanted to start a new family heirloom, here’s a way to collect invitations and announcements and keep them in one spot. Find a cute, small binder, hole punch the invitations on one side and store them in there. Or create your own memory box, complete with your family name on the lid. Store everything special to you inside. You may not display something like this but it will be wonderful to pass down to your children or family members in the future.
  • My favourite idea on this list is a Christmas ornament. You can find see-through glass ornaments at most craft stores. Take your invitation and roll it up with the words facing outward. Hand tear it into long pieces. The pieces should curl and fit nicely into the glass ornament. On the outside of the ornament you could paint your wedding date. Want to give these to your wedding party? Paint the words “Thank you for being a part of our love story” along with your wedding date.

We hope that we have helped you with your dilemma, Rita. We can’t wait to see what you do with your invites!

Feature Invite Created By: Paper Ocelot
Photo Credit: Amy Creech Photography

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