Real Advice: Winter Wedding Photo Tips

The prettiest light happens in the winter. You get that golden glow earlier and longer. Those brides who brave the cooler temperatures will surely benefit from this yummy light or be gifted beautiful snow. Either way, you are also gambling with the chance that it will be minus a million and everyone in your wedding party is going to complain. We have a few tips for you to help your party through an hour of looking happy in the cold.

Boots: Dress shoes (especially rentals) have no grip in the snow and are not insulated. Everyone in your wedding party should wear boots. Sorels,  Uggs, steel toed – it doesn’t matter. Chances are your feet will not show in any of the images if you get a big snowfall before your wedding day. However, if you are worried about a groomsmen showing up in his yellow work boots, request that they wear something black instead.

Tights or leggings: This tip is directed at the ladies. Wearing thick tights or leggings under the dresses will give you an extra layer of warmth, especially if you have a dress made of a lighter, flowy fabric.

Scarves and mittens: Your wedding party will be wearing coordinated outfits already. Adding matching scarves and mitts will just complete their outdoor attire. This also makes a great gift for the group – something they can wear afterwards and think of the two of you!

Liquid: It’s not a bad idea to have a little liquid warmth on a snowy wedding day. This is the real reason why groomsmen are gifted flasks, right? You could also have hot chocolate or coffee waiting for everyone when photos are done.

Time: Give yourself permission to do warm-ups in between groupings. Of course, this all depends on the temperature. You may be just fine sticking it out, and be able to stay outside for the whole time. If your day hits -50 with a windchill, you will be heading inside for a quick warm-up every so often. Make sure you plan enough time.

Touchups: Lastly, make sure you have enough time in between pictures and the following event (whether it is the ceremony or reception) to touch up your makeup. After being in the cold of the afternoon, chances are you are going to have a runny nose or tearing eyes. Have your makeup handy and build a little time into your timeline to take care of that red nose before carrying on with the day.

When everyone is prepared for the cold it makes the afternoon more enjoyable. Having fun with mitts and hot chocolate will make everyone a little more excited to be out in the snow.


Photo Credit: Lisa Larson Photography

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